The full-spectrum extract of RSO contains all components of cannabis; cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and beneficial lipids for truly medicinal benefits. RSO is traditionally used in a concentrated form orally (either directly or with foods) for general sedative effects, while topical use has been shown to heal skin lesions and have potentially anti-cancerous properties. GrowHealthy RSO is made with C02 extracted full-extract cannabis oil.

Research shows the compounds in sativas are thought to be useful for reducing inflammation, depression, pain, nausea, spasms, and seizures. Sativas can also stimulate appetite. Mind products are good for patients who need relief and want to feel alert and energized. Take orally with food. Effects may vary.

Onset is typically felt within 60-90 minutes and effects typically last 4-6 hours with an average dose.

THC ranges from 60-90% and CBD from 0-5%. If you would like more information on the THC/CBD percentages and milligrams please contact our call center at 800-619-5288 Opt. 2

*Once the order is placed, a Patient Care Representative will call to confirm your information.

Online inventory may differ from availability in dispensaries. Our staff is happy to help you find similar products or have these products delivered to your door when available! Call 800-619-5288 for more information.


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Product Information

Dose: 15 mg per day

Price per 30 day supply – $24.75

Price per 50 day supply – $41.25

Price per 70 day supply – $57.75


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