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We are pleased to announce an all-new category of products that offers smaller flowers at bigger discounts. The same great strains with the same quality, potency, and terpenes you’ve come to expect. The only difference is the size of the flowers. It’s the perfect opportunity to try those strains you’ve always been curious about. Or, to stick with the one you love — for less.

We cultivate and handle every flower bud with care to maximize trichome production and deliver the most powerful and flavorful medicine to our patients. Whether you are looking for flavor, effect, or genetics, we have a variety for you. Our flower THC varies by strain, ranging from 16% – 27%. CBD percentages range from 0-2%.

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Dosage: 25mg per inhalation 4x daily = 100mg daily

30 Day Supply: $91.50
50 Day Supply: $152.51
70 Day Supply: $213.51



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