99 Valleys: Cannabis-derived terpenes

THC Range: 69.31% | 346.55mg
CBD Range: 1.21% | 6.06mg

Tres Star: Cannabis-derived terpenes

THC Range: 70.49% | 352.45mg
CBD Range: 1.25% | 6.22mg

White 99: Cannabis-derived terpenes

THC Range: 72-90% | 361-449.28mg
CBD Range: 0.323-0.89% | 1.61-4.47mg

Stardawg: Cannabis-derived terpenes

THC Range: 81.13% | 405.65mg
CBD Range: 0.806% | 4.03mg

Queso Perro – cannabis-derived terpenes

THC Range: 74-76% | 372.75-375.28mg
CBD Range: 0.425-0.65% | 2.12-3.25mg

Ghost Flame Rider: Cannabis-derived terpenes

THC Range: 84.39% | 421.98mg
CBD Range: 0.349% | 1.74mg

Bubba Flo: cannabis-derived terpenes – Out of Stock

THC Range: –%| –mg
CBD Range: –% | –mg

Mint Lime: Plant-derived terpenes – Out of Stock

THC Range: –% | –mg
CBD Range: –% | –mg

Grape Stomper: Cannabis-derived terpenes – Out of Stock

THC Range: –% | –mg
CBD Range: –% | –mg

Sour Afghani Kush: Cannabis-derived terpenes – Out of Stock

THC Range: –% | –mg
CBD Range: –% | –mg

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Additional information

Bubba Flo, Queso Perro, Tres Star, White 99, Sour Afghani Kush, 99 Valleys, Stardawg, Ghost Flame Rider, Mint Lime, Grape Stomper


This Balance syringe contains 1/2 gram (g) of GrowHealthy’s premium cannabis distillate, made up of 189.4mg THC, 183.35mg CBD, trace amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The total number of 5mg doses in this product is 100. The ratio of CBD to THC Ratio is 1:1.

Pricing Information

The following prices are based on a medicating schedule of 5mg of the formulation taken 2 times per day:

30-Day Supply: $25.50

50-Day Supply: $42.50

70-Day Supply: $59.50


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