We are pleased to announce an all-new product, GrowHealthy Capsules. Capsules are designed for patients seeking long-lasting effects from their medication through a more traditional administrative route. A discrete way to take medication, capsules, are easily digestible, odorless, and flavorless. 10mg capsules also allow patients to achieve consistent dosing which can easily be replicated.

Each bottle of GrowHealthy capsules contains 20 capsules. Each capsule contains 10mg of active cannabinoids.
Ingredients include C02 extracted Cannabis oil, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, and hempseed oil. Allergens: N/A.

Capsules are ideal for patients seeking highly accurate, easily repeatable dosing that can be taken discreetly on the go. Research shows 1:1 products are thought to be useful in helping reduce pain, inflammation, joint and muscle soreness, and muscle spasms. 1:1 products are good for patients seeking a relaxing feeling with less psychoactive effects than traditional higher THC products. Capsules are best for patients seeking consistent dosing on the go. Effects may vary.

The CBD: THC ratio of Relief Capsules is 1:1.

Dose: 10 mg per capsule, 1 capsule per day.

Price per 30 day supply – $67.50

Price per 50 day supply – $112.50

Price per 70 day supply – $157.50

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