Our Promise

GrowHealthy produces Florida’s premier-quality, all-natural medicinal cannabis products that help patients live healthier lives. Guided by industry best-practices and an unwavering commitment to quality, purity, and safety, we provide the products that offer healing opportunities for medical cannabis patients across the Sunshine State.



At our secure, state-of-the-art, hydroponic, indoor nursery in rural Central Florida, GrowHealthy horticulture experts manage innovative growing operations; the hybrid nursery features optimized lighting, automated nutrient systems, and temperature and humidity control, creating an indoor cleanroom environment unlike traditional open fields and greenhouses. This allows our growers to ensure consistent production of pure, premium-grade, medical cannabis year-round.

Our Process

State-of-the-Art Cultivation


Carefully select genetics with targeted cannabinoid profiles.

To propagate young vegetative cannabis plants, we employ a cloning process. We limit the variation between generations by using exact genetic replications of mature mother plants. This controlled process yields vibrant, healthy, and highly consistent plants, which in turn, produce dependable cannabis medicines. During this initial stage of growth, we use controlled lighting to direct the vegetative process to foster plants with strong roots and a structure sturdy enough to support future flower growth.


Cultivate under a controlled environment to consistently harvest pure and clean cannabis.

During this next phase, we provide added nutrients and controlled lighting to mimic both the seasonal growing cycle and shorter days of the fall. With this ideal balance, the cannabis plants stretch, flowers form, and those buds become coated with trichomes, which produce cannabinoids. At the end of this stage, we feed plants only water to flush their systems of any unwanted compounds. This yields pure, clean cannabis plants that are ready for harvest. GrowHealthy employs strong IPM (Integrated Pest Management) at every stage of cultivation; strict controls for human interaction with the plants ensure a sterile environment. Once the plants finish this phase, it is time for harvest. Harvest is the process when we cut down the plants and separate the flowers and leaves that are coated with trichomes from any unusable material.


Hang harvested plant material to dry then cure in airtight containers to increase final potency.

The harvested plant material is hung to dry for a period of time. During this process, the flowers can lose up to 80% of their weight in water. Once dried, we move the cannabis into airtight cure containers for the duration of the curing phase where buds get to a 10-15% moisture content(bacteria and molds cant grow under 15%). This process allows the chlorophyll and sugars to break down without too much exposure to oxygen and allows for more cannabinoid synthesis in the buds (the process of creating those valuable cannabinoids), thus increasing the final potency. Once the chlorophyll and sugars are broken down, the overall degradation of the bud happens a lot less rapidly even when taken out of the containers. (just like curing meats or vegetables to draw the moisture out, preserve the food longer, and produce a better taste).


Utilize CO2 to extract the terpenes and cannabinoids of the plant, yielding a potent cannabis oil.

Taking the collected cannabis plant material to the next phase of product development, we use CO2 extraction. This process moves CO2 through the plant’s cell walls, where it binds to and pulls out the terpenes and cannabinoids of the plant, yielding a potent cannabis concentrate. Because CO2 is gaseous under normal temperature and pressure, this makes purging the residual solvent from the oil easy, creating a very clean final composition.


Mix extracted cannabis oil with alcohol, then place in sub-zero temperatures to separate and solidify fats and waxes for filtration.

Once we have created this extract, we refine the oil through a process called winterization. This entails mixing the oil with ethanol and then placing it in sub-zero temperatures. Winterizing in this manner separates out and solidifies the fats and waxes from the oil, making them easy to filter out. At the end of winterization we are left with a very pure, amber-colored oil.


Distill the resulting amber-colored oil to obtain a purified form of cannabis that allows our team to formulate products with targeted ratios of CBD to THC.

The last process in refinement is distillation. This is where we distill the cannabis oil to separate out only the most desirable compounds and create an oil that is truly pure and pristine. This process allows us to distill and purify separate compounds and recombine them to create exact ratios in high-potency cannabis products.